Davao Campus

An ideal study environment is a must for a student to attain the most he can from a lecture. Having a good classroom helps the student by doing just so. All the classrooms in DMSF are equipped with the latest equipment that any teacher could hope for and be proud to utilize, they are all completely air conditioned and designed with perfect acoustic balance for a perfect study session.

Dedicated hostel facilities are provided exclusively for Indian students.  Separate hostel facilities are made for boys and girls which are fully air conditioned and monitored. In all over 50 Indian staff and over 150 Filipino staff are assigned for the sole purpose of taking care of the students. Premium hostels are available for students who are in need of privacy.

In light of the modern era with a plethora of syllabus that students have to cover in medical colleges, a regular classroom study is not enough. The first of its kind in Medical Schools, TLCs enable the students to go through one of the most advanced learning techniques a means for precise group and individual learning perspectives. Team Learning help students become effective, independent learners through one-to-one and small group academic assistance. Students are organized strategically into teams that work together. This structure requires teams to articulate their thinking and gives teams an opportunity to evaluate their own analysis when faced with different conclusions that other may make.

In modern times with the influx of technology based learning, not much preference is being given towards the development Knowledge Centers such as Libraries. But, none can deny the importance of one towards the overall development of a student. At DMSF, we integrate the old with the new to create a Library like none other, with a vast array of books and e-books, placed in a calm and soothing environment. The library is truly unmatched.

Special indian food prepared by highly skilled indian cooks with the option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. healthy and hygienic food is provided to the students at the hostel and at the college. all indian festivals are celebrated throughout the year with great zeal and enth- usiasm, to make sure that the students never feel that they are away from home.