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DMSF was established in the year 1976 to afford effective healthcare for people in both rural and urban areas. The Davao Medical School Foundation is a non-profit organization and approved by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) of Philippines.

Why Transworld ?

  • Offers Preparatory programme including Spoken English Training at Pune, India.
  • Campus with state of the art modern facilities for students.
  • More than 1200+ Indian students facilitated by Transworld are already  graduated and practicing doctors in various leading hospitals in India and abroad.

Dean’s Message
To Indian Students

DMSF, has been in the forefront in providing professional Medical Education to Indian Students. Known for quality education, the institution has been constantly ranked among the Top 6 Medical Institutions in the Country.

Dr. Petronilo A. Basa

Dean, Davao Medical College



Simulated Mannequin Stations

DMSF is the first medical school to set up simulated mannequin stations for clinical teaching and training. Modern responsive type mannequins are used through which the students are taught clinical practices before clinical rotations.

Ultra Modern Library

DMSF, the Knowledge Resource Center (Library), is one of the most modern libraries set up in Asia recently renovated to International Standards. Digitised library system is maintained for students which allow ease of access to the books.

Team Learning Center (TLC)

TLC provides most advanced techniques and means for precise group and individual learning perspectives.Round the clock Wi-Fi facilities are available in the college campus to gain knowledge of medical education.



One of the most important reasons for the success of Indian students who have studied and graduated at DMSF, is because of the vast knowledge they gain through clinical exposure in their final few semesters. Being one of only 2 medical colleges in DAVAO city, DMSF students gain immense practical exposure because of having a large number of highly accredited associate Hospitals. The combined bed strength of the hospital is over 4000.

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